History & Purpose

The Service Provider Association for Developmental Disabilities (SPADD) was founded in April 2002. SPADD members meet regularly to share information regarding issues that impact the services of individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • An inclusive coalition of both public and private providers of any community based MR/DD Services in Georgia to improve quality by education of providers and partners around the community.
  • Best practice and advocacy regarding public policy.


  • Communicate and partner around advocacy issues
  • Provider peer review
  • Develop and implement best practice
  • Influence & provide feedback on DBHDD Policy (Medicaid Waiver rules, funding, etc.)
  • Consultation for providers – mentor program


  • Meetings held bi-monthly, alternating in Atlanta and Macon
  • Annual Conference
  • Committees within the group to address membership, regulatory issues, etc.

SPADD works as an inclusive association of both public and private providers of any community-based developmental disability service for the purpose of improving services to persons with developmental disabilities in Georgia. As a professional organization, SPADD is committed to its mission which includes the education of providers on best practices, advocacy and education on public policy.

In order to meet its mission and objectives, SPADD seeks the support and participation of its members and values the diversity of its membership. In so doing, SPADD has established its Code of Ethics which lists the core values of the organization and establishes a standard by which all members can abide.