Collage of images: Group of people with IDD at a bowling alley with DSPs, man and woman standing together outdoors, and a Georgia Welcomes You road sign.

Legislative & Capitol Update

Legislative Priorities 2023

Direct Support Professional Workforce Crisis

Without significant investment in the Direct Support Professional workforce, people with I/DD and their families will continue to lose access to needed options and resources as providers close.


$15/hour Down Pament: SPADD recommends a legislative rate increase in the 2023 session as a good faith down payment on what the rate study will reveal, with rates to support the entry wage to be at least $15. While we do not believe $15 is the correct wage, it is a start.

6.2% Increase: SPADD is working with the DBHDD to determine what the exact cost would
be, but we calculate the percentage increase at approximately 6.2% for FY 2024.

Full Funding: SPADD recommends that for FY 2025 (in the 2024 session) that the rate study be fully funded in its entirety, not in piecemeal and not in phases. Almost none of the current rates have ever been studied and determined valid. It is time we make commitment to fund the actual costs (like we do for nursing homes) of supporting this population.

Download the SPADD Direct Support Professional Workforce Crisis flyer to share with your networks and state legislators. Stay tuned to SPADD Member Communications for more advocacy opportunities when the Georgia General Assembly convenes its next session in January, 2023.